Many people, like Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe, are shocked that such rich countries cannot spare some support to help these countries build the basic support they need. The most criticized is the United States, the most powerful country, for their lack of support. Seeing as how within the United States there is billions spent on their poor neighbors in order to bride their internal digital divide.

“He said there was no point in providing poor people with computers unless they were also given electricity and a phone network to run them. He then attacked the general world order; saying digital technology was being used by some to dominate the globe” (Doyle, Mark)

“The deadly televised spectacle of an unjust war of occupation in Iraq based on blatant lies was a dramatic example of a false and failed global information society founded on the twin aggressive impulses of shock and awe”(Doyle, Mark)

Not as many leaders were as outspoken as this African leader was therefore there has been less help given to the needy because political voices have been weak in conveying the need for support for basic electricity. This support for basic electricity is needed before people can begin to send computers. In a country where people are working on farms to provide food and women gather firewood to build fires that would have the time to use a computer for a few hours anyways with basic needs not met yet in Africa and water tainted by viruses. (Buckley, Steve)

Writings from the past: The Quality of Accessibility – Part 4 Coming Soon. 

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